Medical Service

Your health is our priority. Compassion in care, excellence in service.

First Aid and Emergency Care

  • Accidents and health issues can arise unexpectedly. Our trained medical staff are available to provide immediate first aid and emergency care to ensure your safety and well-being.

Regular Medical Check-ups

  • Prevention is key to maintaining good health. We offer regular medical check-ups to monitor your health and detect any issues early, allowing for timely intervention and care.

Wellness Initiatives

  • Your overall well-being is our concern. We promote wellness initiatives such as yoga sessions, fitness programs, and stress-relief activities to help you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Health Awareness Programs

  • Knowledge is empowerment. We organize health awareness programs and workshops to educate our students about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and preventive measures.

At Suguna College of Engineering, we believe that a healthy body and mind are the foundation of a successful academic journey. Our medical services are designed to ensure that you have access to quality healthcare right when you need it, allowing you to focus on your studies and personal growth with peace of mind.

Your health matters to us. We're here to support you every step of the way.